What is the amblyopia treatment and is it urgent?

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is a condition in which the eye is structurally normal but when you test the vision, you find that the vision is significantly reduced. It can happen for many different reasons such as squint or poverty of focusing within the eye. The vision grows and develops in the first few years of life. The eyes are plugging into the brain, and it’s critical to make sure during that period of growth that both eyes are seeing and working together as well as possible.

What is the amblyopia treatment and is it urgent? The treatment for amblyopia is urgent. It is important to diagnose amblyopia early on in a child’s life, the earlier, the better.

It is important to make sure that amblyopia is diagnosed early so that the underlying condition is addressed and treatment is commenced because after about the age of five onwards, the brain becomes more hardwired. The period of growth begins to come to an end and there is less influence on how well we can treat lazy eye—basically, the earlier, the better.

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