What can happen if a squint is left untreated?

A squint, if left untreated, can become worse with time; however, it’s very important not to ignore squints in children. Why is this important? It’s important because the vision grows and develops in the first few years of life. The eyes are plugging into the brain and vision is improving.

What can happen if a squint is left untreated? A squint can become worse over time and may result in amblyopia, or lazy eye, because the eye isn’t connecting with the brain well. It is important to treat a squint in children because their vision develops within the first few years of life.

If there is a squint—if one eye is often moving in or out—it means that the quality of the image coming from that eye to the brain is not very good or is always disturbed. Consequently, the eye doesn’t connect with the brain as well resulting in amblyopia, or in more standard terminology lazy eye. If a child has a squint, it is essential to get them checked out because the earlier we can treat it, the more successful the outcome will be.

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