How can I tell if my child has a squint?

It can be quite difficult to tell if your child has a squint because it can be very small and intermittent, in that it comes and goes. However, you may notice that the eye is, for example, deviating inwards towards the nose giving the appearance of crossed eyes or it can conversely vary outwards or up or down, and it can affect one eye or both eyes. If you have a first generation relative with a squint or a lazy eye, then statistically you are more likely to have a child with that condition; therefore, it’s essential to screen them early because the earlier we catch the disease, the more successful the treatment outcome will be. We can see children from as young as a few months to many years; however, the critical period of growth for vision happens in the first few years of life, and therefore the sooner we catch it, the better it is.

How can I tell if my child has a squint? It is important to screen your children’s eyes early to make sure they don’t have a squint or, if they do, it gets assessed and treated immediately.

You may notice the squint sometimes on photographs. As you look back at a picture, you may see that one eye seems to always deviate in one direction. Another important sign is that the red reflex, which is where we see the red eye in photos, may consistently appear asymmetric and that the left eye always has a dull reflex. If that’s the case, it is something that needs to be addressed urgently because a dull reflex can be a signal that something significant is happening within the eye that needs to be treated immediately. However, it can also happen because there is a squint in the eye, so it is reflecting the light back asymmetrically. I have to say it can be a normal finding as well, it can be an optical illusion. If you see it consistently, it is worth checking.

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