How long does it take to recover from the PRESBYOND laser treatment?

Recovering from PRESBYOND laser treatment varies from one patient to the other; some patients recover within days, and others require a longer period. Laser eye surgery has some possible side effects that are common to all laser eye treatments and are part of the healing process after the procedure. Patients can notice some glare or halos, especially at night when looking at street lights and car lights. Usually, these are not disabling but can be a little bit of a nuisance. They do tend to disappear with time as the healing process finishes and as the brain learns to focus through the new prescription in the cornea.

How long does it take to recover from the PRESBYOND laser blended vision treatment? The recovery for PRESBYOND laser blended vision treatment varies from patient to patient. Some recover within a few days whereas others spend a longer period of time. Neural adaptation is a necessary factor in the recovery process because the brain has to adjust to the new prescription.

We regularly follow up with the patient and make sure that there are no adverse or severe complications that we can address and mitigate. Some patients require a certain period of neural adaptation, in that the brain learns to get used to processing the two pictures coming from the eyes. It’s crucial for the patient not to try and concentrate on one eye more than the other or close one eye and then the other to compare the two pictures because that accentuates the problem. What we want is for the brain to receive all of the information it wants and then to process it and build the picture of the world around it. If PRESBYOND does not work for a patient, despite all our pre-assessments, things can be done to address it. Other options can be as simple as wearing glasses again or further touch up laser treatment, if necessary.

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