How would I know if I have cataracts?

A cataract is when the lens that lives inside the eye, behind the coloured part of the eye, goes from being a crystal-clear droplet of water to a bit yellow, a bit frosty, and a bit hazy. What you will notice is difficulty seeing things, even with glasses on. In the past a patient would put glasses on and see things reasonably well, he or she may now feel that the glasses are dirty and keep cleaning them.

How would I know if I have cataracts? Cataract symptoms often involve hazy vision even with glasses. Colours also may appear dull and night time lights may have a glare with cataracts.

Colours are duller than before; someone else may notice a bright red or purple that looks quite flat to you. Another typical symptom is that when driving at night, you get a lot of glare from headlights or even from overhead street lights. That’s because the cataract has lots of frosty areas in it, much like a frosty bathroom window, that cause the light to scatter and prevent it from focusing correctly. These are some of the typical symptoms of cataracts.

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