How does squint treatment work?

Squint treatment depends on the underlying condition causing it and what the requirements of the patient are. The patient who has a squint may be experiencing double vision or diplopia, and see two separate pictures. In that situation, we can sometimes treat it by putting a unique lens in front of the eye called a prism that moves the two pictures together and gets rid of the double vision.

How does squint treatment work? The treatment of squint depends on the underlying cause. Because this varies from patient to patient, it is important to do a careful assessment of the eye and all its movements.

When the squint is more significant and has quite a large deviation or if it causes some social interaction problems, treatment is needed. For example, I have many patients who come from frontline services dealing with people where they find it difficult to communicate with their customers because their eye constantly deviates outwards, and the customers don’t know if they are looking at something else or looking at them. We can treat that in various ways. For example, we can inject Botox into the muscle, which relaxes the muscle and allows the eye to sit in a straighter position. Sometimes, we can even do surgery to realign the muscles to allow the eye to sit in a more upright position. The important thing is to perform a full and careful assessment of the eye and all of its movements. We typically take about an hour or more to do this. We then decide what the underlying cause of the squint is and what the most suitable treatment is for that patient.

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