Why did Wisam Muen become an eye surgeon?

Initially, after qualifying from Manchester University, I spent a few years completing a surgical rotation during which I observed two branches of surgery: orthopaedic and cardiac. My attention then turned to ophthalmic surgery because I found it fascinating.

Why did I become an eye surgeon? As an eye surgeon you significantly change people’s lives, people would go from being blind one day to seeing perfectly clear the next day. The look of joy on their faces and happiness is something that cheers me up in daily practice.

It involves a detailed knowledge of physics and optics, and it includes operating through a microscope at an expert level. This type of surgery significantly changes people’s lives as they can be blind one day and see things perfectly well the next day. The look of joy on their faces and their happiness are things that cheer me up in my daily practice.

Ophthalmology is an extensive field. People often think that we just deal with the eyes, but in fact, many conditions can affect the eyes; diabetes, thyroid problems, and strokes are just a few conditions that we have to deal with that manifest with eye diseases. I find it a very fascinating and rewarding subject.

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About the Author:

I am a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience. I have comprehensive training in the management of various eye diseases. My particular specialist interests include cataract, strabismus and laser eye surgery. My belief is that the patient must be confident in their Eye Doctor and comfortable with the care they are receiving.